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Who we are

Coaching Across Cultures is a Berlin-based enterprise whose objectives are to improve global cooperation and to facilitate change. We work with individuals and groups worldwide.

Cooperation and Change

We live in times of multifaceted cooperation, competition and change. For teams, organizations, ethnic groups, nations, communities and individuals alike, these challenges generate considerable pressure to adapt.

What can we do when firmly established behavioral patterns no longer seem to provide the best approaches? If “going on as before” leads to malfunction, loss of competitiveness, frustration, estrangement and self-doubt?

Our Approach

We believe that true cooperation and sus-tainable change are to be generated from within individuals and organizations. The reason for that is that advice from outside often originates on grounds you would not find in the inner perspective.

Therefore our approach is to provide en-vironments in which people involved in change processes can examine, discuss and simulate the conditions for cooperation and change. Exercises, reflections and interventions are used to address participants’ and organizations’ quests in individual, small group and plenary settings.

What we offer

In order to facilitate effective cooperation and sustainable change we offer coaching and facilitation, process moderation, conflict management and team-building services to interested parties worldwide. One format that successfully merges the given approaches is our work with Open Change.

Working with Open Change

Working with Open Change is a systemic approach in which we explore inner and outer worlds of individuals, teams and groups. It unravels possible connections and influences between these worlds. Doing so, new perspectives, insights and ideas are generated which in turn will help to provide answers to issues previously considered disturbing or conflictive. Thus, new paths of cooperation with others and ourselves can be developed.

Open Change Forums

Open Change Forums are an effective approach to contemplate, initiate and accompany change. For individuals and groups alike, they facilitate a better fit of inner experience and outer environments and explore their conditions and alternate influences.

As such, they are suitable for a number of different focal issues as, for example, those addressed in open forums on leadership, cooperation, team building, transition or repatriation, depending on the client’s specific objectives.

Open Leadership Forum

Open Leadership Forums are designed for leaders and those being led. They enable a fresh look at leadership, our own and that of other people. They improve self-awareness, strengthen empathy with others and ourselves and further a more conscious understanding of our dealings with power, rank and status, whether at home or abroad.

Starting with a systemic analysis of one’s current situation, each participant will individually and together with the group work on leadership issues which are of importance to him or her.

So leaders, who, in other circumstances, are inevitably also led, get a chance to build onthe group’s support and take a pressure-free look at their professional as well as private leadership settings. This enables a more balanced appreciation of their past, their current position, and their aspirations for the future.

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Open Cooperation Forum

Open Cooperation Forums are used to facilitate productive and effective forms of cooperation, both within and beyond the boundaries of established human “in-groups”. They are designed to improve cooperation between people of different origin and back-ground, whether these are, e.g., professional, cultural, national, political or generational differences.

A specific form of Open Cooperation Forums is the Open Team Forum. Here, a given group of people is led to examine, reflect, discuss and more deeply understand their personal cultures as much as their team culture, facilitating paths for future development.

Open Transition Forum

Open Transition Forums are designed to facilitate adaptation in times of change and to support individuals and groups in their efforts to cope with new environments, challenges and previously unfamiliar situations.

Whether linked to an organizational change process, an expatriate assignment or taking on demanding leadership responsibilities: Open Transition Forums are there to support the development of behavioral strategies and meet ensuing challenges with customized organizational and individual answers.

Open Returnees’ Forum

Open Returnees’ Forums are a special form of Open Transition Forums in that they target a very specific group of participants: people returning home after working abroad for a longer period.

Supportive exchange with colleagues or people who are or have been in a similar situation will help devise strategies for re-entry. The feeling “of being understood”, the chance to reflect and address personal issues such as frustrations and worries, or sadness about what returnees have left behind will facilitate the re-entry into what used to be one’s home country.


Coaching Across Cultures’ services are offered in English, German and Mandarin Chinese..


Unter anderem unterstützen wir globale Kooperation und ermöglichen Veränderung bei der Siemens AG, der Münchener Rückversicherung, Bombardier Transportation, Merck Serono, Technik Akademie Berlin, Union Investment, Berlinwasser International, Bundeskriminalamt und Novartis Pharma.

Further Information

We are happy to discuss a suitable design for an Open Change Forum to meet your organization’s needs. Further information concerning the above services as well as Coaching Across Cultures’ references, previously run coaching, facilitation and process-moderation, evaluation of feedback, as well as the members of our network can be obtained via the following contact data:
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