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Intercultural training, Negotiation support, Intercultural coaching and facilitation, Conflict management, Team building, Team development, identity work, Sino-western Cooperation.

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Who we are

China Consultancy is a Berlin-based enterprise whose objectives are to improve Sino-western communication and cooperation.

The cross-cultural challenge

When working in foreign countries and regions you'll find that cultural differences will have an enormous impact on the way of doing business in the target regions.

Differences concerning, for example, business dealings, communication, conception of time, project management, dispute resolution, leadership and varying perceptions of the partners will alter the course of business profoundly.

What we offer

Given these cultural differences, China Consultancy works to safeguard fruitful cross-cultural cooperation and strives to merge different areas of the partners' strengths.

China Consultancy therefore provides cross-cultural services such as preparatory and synchronized trainings, support in negotiations, team building, coaching and conflict management.

The services provided are offered to interested institutions and enterprises in the western world as well as in China and South East Asia.

Countries & Regions

Northwestern Europe, North America

e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, USA, Canada

China, South East Asia

e.g. PR of China | Taiwan | Hongkong,

Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam


China Consultancy's services are offered in English, Mandarin Chinese and German.

Cross-cultural training

Cross-cultural preparatory and synchronized trainings conducted by China Consultancy enhance practical cross-cultural competencies. They enable the participants to act and communicate culturally adequately in the target culture and thus build the basis for effective cross-cultural cooperation. Trainings are run as one- to three-day in-house trainings, tailored to your needs.

Support in negotiations

Cross-cultural negotiations are subject to premisses and legalities which may differ greatly from negotiating practices in one's native country. China Consultancy will prepare you for these differences and offers on-the-spot negotiation support.

Cross-cultural team building

The core objective of cross-cultural team building is to define and agree behavioural, working and cooperation techniques that both sides accept. China Consultancy conducts team building workshops and supports the initial phase of cooperation.

Cross-cultural coaching

A number of specific cross-cultural issues and difficulties may arise when interacting with partners from the target region. China Consultancy will accompany you in difficult times. We will embrace your experiences and show alternative approaches which expand your behavioural patterns with regard to future situations. Coaching is offered as individual as well as small-group coaching.

Cross-cultural conflict management

China Consultancy's cross-cultural conflict management mediates between varying cultural perceptions, concepts and management ideas. The aim is to show possible ways to diffuse or resolve the potential for conflict in a way which is acceptable to both sides.

China Consultancy's Network of Trainers and Consultants

The members of China Consultancy's Network of Trainers and Consultants have gained many years of personal experience in the individual target regions, speak one of the major languages of the region and have a number of years' training experience. They come from different cultural backgrounds. Ralf-Torsten Zitterbart, Chen Qidi.

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