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China Consultancy's Training Feedback
Feedback Evaluation

Here the evaluation is presented of feedback questionnaires filled out by the participants at the end of the trainings. In the evaluation the assessments are summarised irrespective of the duration of the training. The information has been divided into trainings for western and Chinese | South East Asian participants.

- Trainings for Participants from Western Countries -
Presented period of reference: six months. All received questionnaires evaluated. Rate of returns: 100%.


- Trainings for Participants from China | South East Asia -
Presented period of reference: six months. All received questionnaires evaluated. Rate of returns: 100%.


Mail Feedback

Apart from the questions asked in the feedback questionnaire you also have the opportunity here to make remarks, comments and assessments concerning the China Consultancy trainings you have attended.


This will enable future participants to get an idea of the trainings. The comments received will be published anonymously in the feedback forum.

Feedback Forum

Here are some of the remarks and comments made by participants on the China Consultancy trainings they attended. The remarks have been divided into those made by western and Chinese | South East Asian participants.

Remarks | comments made by participants from western countries:

"Didactically very well prepared and communicated. Would recommend it to others."

"Communicated in a very stimulating manner. Contents oriented towards practical application."

"Definitely the best and most worthwhile seminar in preparation for an assignment abroad!"

"Very lively and interesting."

"Very good presentation / sound knowledge due to the facilitator's own experience."

"Pleasant atmosphere; interesting presentations. Two days were a bit short."

"The seminar was fun and very beneficial. Am very satisfied."

"Was really fantastic!"

"Very interesting. An extra day would have been worthwhile."

"Keep up the good work!"

Particularly good was ...

"... the lively way the information was presented, the clearly professional compentency with regard to the subject matter and the ability to communicate it."

"... Reference to own culture and situation well presented; subject matter well communicated; concrete examples."

Answers to the question: "What did you particularly like?"

"The way of presentation and quality of conveyed information."

"Efficient conveying of complex cultural differences in a short time."

"Very good way of presentation, very interesting."

"Structure and conveying of contents / first hand experiences."

"Personal experience of the trainer."

"Form of presentation; practical exercises."

"Relaxed atmosphere, sufficient time to ask questions."

"Direct contrast between G-C; lots of illustrative examples."

"Role plays, discussions, change."

"Good, relaxed way of presentation, easily remembered examples."

"Facilitators' experiences with the other culture."

"Practical tips for dealing with Chinese."

"Relaxed, humourous presentation of a complex subject."

"Group activities, comments and anecdotes of the facilitator."

"Still new information, even though I've already been abroad quite often."

"Lively presentation on the basis of personal experience."

"Reports on situation, concrete proposals for behaviour."

"Anecdotes - lively / practice / atmosphere."

Remarks | comments made by participants from China & South East Asia

"Go just like this"

"I think this program is very helpful to eliminate or reduce the great cultural difference between Germany and China."

"Go on with this course."

Answers to the question: "What did you particularly like?"

"Difference of culture. Teaching manner."

"The tutor has real experience and background to deal with Chinese people."



"The critical feedback about student's presentations."

"Practical exercises."

"The way the teacher taught."

"Day-to-day dealings with things."

"Communication in Germany."

"The atmosphere & method of tutoring."

"Practical exercises & free talking."

"Form of presentation; practical exercises."

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