Cross-cultural Conflict Management

Diverging Interests
Cross-cultural Conflict Management
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Cross-cultural Conflict Management
Diverging Interests

Diverging interests form one of life's basic experiences. However, dealing with incongruous interests is already shaped to a great extent by our specific culture. It cannot be presumed that our own perception of diverging interests also corresponds to that of our partner:

At which point are varying interests viewed as conflicts? What culturally specific need for regulation results from recognising diverging interests or even conflicts? How are existing conflicts tackled? What are the objectives of conflict management in different cultures?

Cross-cultural Conflict Management

Cross-cultural conflict management mediates between varying cultural perceptions, environments, concepts and management ideas. The aim is to show possible ways to diffuse or resolve the potential for conflict in a way which is acceptable to both sides.


China Consultancy's offers with regard to cross-cultural conflict management comprise three main components:

  • Cross-cultural conflict management training
  • Cross-cultural conflict prevention & consulting
  • Cross-cultural conflict management & on-the-spot conflict coaching

- Cross-cultural conflict management training -
Apart from other subject modules the China Consultancy cross- cultural conflict management trainings deal in depth with the above-mentioned questions and develop strategies for a culturally adequate approach. Focus is also on recognising early on the possible potential for cross-cultural conflict and how to deal with it before it leads to an actual conflict.

- Cross-cultural conflict prevention & consulting -
There are many factors which can impact on cross-cultural conflicts and affect possible ways of thinking with regard to conflict management. Concrete guideline recommendations can only be made in an individual case if the environmental incidents, the development of the conflict and the persons involved are thoroughly understood. China Consultancy offers consulting services for the prevention and resolution of conflicts with partners from a different culture.

- On-the-spot Conflict Management & Conflict Coaching -
Seemingly insoluble on-the-spot conflicts, for example in the case of a long-term assignment, are often due to the unaccustomed living and working environment, adapting inadequately to this on the part of the expatriate or the problems caused by having to meet the demands of the parent company in an unfamiliar environment. China Consultancy offers on-the-spot conflict analyses, conflict management and conflict coaching in the target region (see: Cross-cultural Coaching / Conflict Coaching and Coaching Across Cultures).

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