Cross-cultural Negotiation Consulting

Cross-cultural Negotiating
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Cross-cultural Negotiation Consulting
Cross-cultural Negotiating

Cross-cultural negotiations are subject to premisses and legalities which may differ greatly from negotiating practices in one's native country. Without having to completely adopt the negotiating patterns of the partner's culture it is advisable to be prepared for these differences and take them into account in one's own negotiating strategies. Some of the important questions that arise in this context are:

  • Business environment and structure of the respective
    industry / field
  • Strategy and structure of negotiating processes
  • Expectations with regard to the approach of one's counterpart
  • Dealing with and expectations of business partners

  • The role and status of the negotiators
  • Expectations of and dealing with local authorities
  • Working with interpreters
  • Looking after delegations and the guests' expectations


China Consultancy's offers in respect of cross-cultural negotiating mainly embrace three components:

    • Cross-cultural training in negotiations
    • Consulting on cross-cultural negotiations
    • On-the-spot support during negotiations

- Cross-cultural training in Negotiations -
Apart from other subject modules, China Consultancy's trainings for negotiating deal in depth with the questions mentioned above and strategies are developed for a culturally adequate approach to cross-cultural negotiations.

Your premisses and expectations from your cultural environment are carefully checked and - if necessary - adapted to the circumstances you have to expect in the other culture. Your behavioural patterns will be enhanced. The probable differences in your partner's negotiating strategy and negotiating behaviour will be made plausible to you, thus defusing the situation, enabling you to concentrate on the actual issues of the negotiation.

- Negotiation Consulting -
Are you planning cross-cultural negotations or are you already in negotiations that may have reached a seemingly insoluble deadlock? Don't hesitate to seek outside professional advice to analyse the situation and assess strategies in order to minimise any potential conflict right from the outset.

'Corporate blindness', unrealistic assessments, stubbornly sticking to inappropriate negotiating goals and ongoing irritations with regard to the relationship are some of the factors that are often easier to recognise from the detached viewpoint of an external analysis and that may be resolved by introducing new ways of thinking.

Working out approaches to resolutions and strategies takes place in cooperation with the persons who have been responsible for the project to date.

- On-the-spot Support -
In addition to negotiation preparation and consulting China Consultancy offers on-the-spot support during the negotiation. This means support for initiating business contacts and bringing the partners together, as well as support during the actual negotiations. In the latter case China Consultancy can act as a member of the negotiation delegation as well as a 'ghost negotiator'.

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