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China Consultancy's References
Training Contents

A selection of trainings and workshops conducted by China Consultancy and Coaching Across Cultures includes the following subjects:

    • Culture, communication, negotiating and
      management in China & South East Asia

    • Cross-cultural communication in
      Northwest Europe - Asia - Africa

    • Cross-cultural cooperation with German
      partners (for Chinese participants)

    • Cross-cultural cooperation with
      Chinese partners

    • Cultural hallmarks and cross-cultural

    • Cross-cultural conflict management between
      German and South East Asian partners

    • Teaching and learning in Germany and China
      (for Chinese participants)

    • Cross-cultural business cooperation
      with Singapore

    • Cultural Awareness

    • Cross-cultural team building workshop
      for German and Chinese partners

    • Preparing for an international assignment:
      living and working in Malaysia

    • Family coaching and cross-cultural
      preparation for an assignment in China

    • Business across borders: Germany and
      Austria - A cultural orientation (for Chinese)

    • Cross-cultural communication and cooperation
      with China, Cambodia and the Philippines

    • Singapore as a gateway to the Asia-Pacific
      region: doing business in Singapore and
      South East Asia

    • Cross-cultural teambuilding and cooperation
      with international partners

    • Relocation Coaching: Cross-cultural communication and cooperation in Vietnam

    • Cross-cultural communication and cooperation
      with Nepal, Malaysia and the Philippines

    • Coaching on negotiation: Successfully
      negotiating in China

    • Cross-cultural communication and cooperation between chinese and german partners

    • International TeamCoaching-Cycle, Open Development Forum: Sino-western cooperation in a top-level management team

    • Group Coaching: Cross-cultural cooperation with international partners in Germany (for Chinese)

    • Coaching-Cycle "Cross-cultural Awareness and Self-Awareness":

      I. "Outbound: The Self and the Other" -
      Softskill-Coaching for dealing with foreign cultures

      II. "Inbound: The Other and the Self" -
      Softskill-Coaching for dealing with oneself:
      returnees' coaching

    • Culture, communication, negotiating and
      management in South East Asia

    • Cross-cultural communication and cooperation
      with China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea

    • Coach-the-trainer: Differences in teaching
      and learning in Sino-German cooperation
      (for Chinese participants)

    • International cooperation in the framework of
      outsourcing: Germany - India - USA

    • Relocation Coaching: Cross-cultural communication and cooperation in Korea

    • Teaching and learning, creativity and innovation involving different personalities of trainers and trainees (for Chinese participants)

    • Efficient international communication and cooperation with Chinese partners

    • International cooperation with Western European and North American partners (for Chinese)

    • Open Development Forum: Identity, team and international cooperation

    • International cooperation between Americans, Europeans, Chinese and BRICs in general

    • Open Transfer- and Innovation Forum: Self-competency, input and innovation
      (for Chinese participants)

    • Coach-the-Trainer: Modern methodologies, didactic concepts and coaching in adult education I and II (for Chinese participants)

    • Inner leadership, team and international cooperation

    • Dealing with diversity in contexts of national
      and international cooperation

    • Open Development Forum: Coaching and
      reflection of international cooperation experience

    • Open Development Forum: Inner leadership
      and team-cooperation

    • Open Development Forum: Ownership in international cooperation - Development of competencies and cooperation in individuals and teams

    • Competencies for dealing and cooperating with state administration and culture in China

    • Dealing with complexity and diversity in international contexts

    • Competencies, reflection and strategy-building regarding international cooperation with China

Training Languages

The trainings can be conducted in German, English or Mandarin Chinese.

Training Participants

The companies and institutions China Consultancy has so far worked with include:

  Siemens AG   German Development Institute
  Volkswagen AG   Siemens Business Services
  Consultus GmbH   Lucent Technologies
  Carl-Duisberg-Centren   Wacker Siltronic AG
  Motorola, Inc.   Academy for International Business
  Berlitz Cross Cultural   Amberg Engineering AG
  Audi AG   IMF Fahrzeugsicherheit GmbH & Co. KG
  ZERO   Agilent Technologies
  Alstom Power Ltd.   Witte-Velbert GmbH & Co. KG
  Quehl & Partner   SMS Demag AG
  Epcos Co., Ltd.   Laetus-Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH
  Heidelberg Cement   Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH
  Knorr-Bremse AG   School of Economics, Pforzheim
  Conergy AG   School of Economics, Berlin
  Sandvik Group   ERL Maintenance Support Sdn. Bhd.
  Terex O&K   TI communication
  Union Investment   Münchener Rückversicherungs AG
  ABB Switzerland ltd.   Messe Frankfurt GmbH
  culture options   SPE - Siemens Professional Education
  Intercultures   Siemens Technik Akademie
  Merck KGaA   Wärtsilä Switzerland ltd.
  BASF SE   German Federal Criminal Police
  Borealis Group   Berlinwasser International AG
  Sartorius AG   Academy of the German Red Cross e.V.
  Agrana Fruit GmbH   International Coaching Federation
  Deutsche Bahn AG   Heinz Nixdorf Programm
  Prudential Financial   Beijing Institute of Technology
  Lanxess Europe   Bombardier Transportation
  Porsche AG   Rolls Royce Deutschland Ltd. & Co KG
  Abbott GmbH   Novartis Pharma AG
  IAV GmbH   German Federal Foreign Office
  Procter & Gamble   Oce Printing Systems GmbH
  DaimlerChrysler AG   Siemens AG, Learning Campus
  GTZ / GIZ GmbH   ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG
  Evonik Industries   German Embassy, Beijing
  Merck Serono S.A.  

  • BMWi/K: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy / Climate Action
  • BMI: German Federal Ministry of the Interior
  • BMZ: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

  • InWEnt gGmbH  (before: Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft e.V., CDG)
  • InWEnt gGmbH - Department of Good Governance and National Reform Politics

  • GIZ GmbH - German Society for International Cooperation
  • GIZ GmbH - AIZ: Academy for International Cooperation
  • GIZ GmbH - VEZ: Site for Preparational Training regarding Developmental Cooperation
  • GIZ GmbH - GIZ Office China
  • GIZ GmbH, InWEnt gGmbH - Department of Environment, Energy, Water

Trainers, Consultants & Coaches

The trainers, consultants and coaches working on behalf of China Consultancy are members of China Consultancy's Trainer-Network. The members of this team have gained many years of personal experience in the individual target regions, speak one of the major languages of the region and have a number of years' training experience.

The self-presentations of some of the members of China Consultancy's Trainer-Network are given below:

Torsten Zitterbart as Coach

Ralf-Torsten.Zitterbart, MA, works as an intercultural and diversity trainer, systemic coach and facilitator. Initially trained as an industrial manager at Siemens AG, he then went on to study, graduating in Sinology, Economics and Political Sciences.

Further   training   in communica- tion, team development, conflict management, process-facilitation, dynamic facilitation and nonviolent communication. He is nlp-master- practitioner, a trained coach and supporter of Arnold Mindell's "worldwork"- paradigm.

Foundation of China Consultancy (1998) and of Coaching Across Cultures (2007). Certified member of Learning Campus' China-team at Siemens AG 2003-2009. He is a foreign trade consultant with the German Federal Association for Economic Promotion and Foreign Trade (BWA). Amongst others he works as a trainer for improved cooperation with different Asian regions (Southeast, East and South Asia), for "Dealing with Complexity and Diversity in international Contexts" and as a tutor for regional studies on China and Taiwan with the AIZ (V-EZ) of GIZ GmbH.

Kerstin Nagels graduated from the joint degree programme in business and Chinese studies at Hochschule Bremen (including a one-year study and work stay in Chengdu) in 1995. In her diploma thesis, she analysed how cultural differences shape the success or failure of Sino-German co-operation projects, and whether the different co-operation partners perceived them as problems.

The focus of her interest has been on cross-cultural management and the construction of (cultural) identity ever since. In 1996, Kerstin Nagels graduated from the MA Area Studies China Programme at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

Since her return to Germany, she has been working on different projects, e.g. documenting sources of information and consulting on the Chinese market. Moreover, she has been preparing students for their studies and internships in mainland China. From 1997 to 1999, she co-conducted an in-depth study on the "Conflicts and Chances of Managing Sino-German Co-operation Projects" for Hochschule Bremen.

She now works freelance as a trainer, lecturer, facilitator and researcher. Publications include:

  • "Cross-cultural communication in  German-Sino  co-operation"
    (in German)
  • "Sources of   information on the   Chinese market"  (in German)
  • "Whose   Values?  Cross-cultural  management   and  change
    of  society  in  the   Peoples   Republic  of  China"   (in German)
  • "Order  or  chaos? Structures  of  organisation  and leadership
    in  cross-cultural  perspective",   (in  German,  co-authored   by Renate Krieg)
  • "Receptiveness to Changing Practices in Human Resource Management:   A   Comparison   of   "Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese    Employees   in   German-Chinese    Business"
    (co-authored by Renate Krieg)

Fanchen Meng studied German and Business Management. Afterwards he worked as an interpreter for German and Chinese enter- prises and lead travel groups from Germany to China and vice versa.

He was a lecturer in German and a foreign expert to the Beijing Institute of Technology, the China University of Mining and Technology and to the Department of Education of the Ministry for Coal Industry.

From 1990 to 1991 and between 1992 and 1995 he was a visiting scholar at Technische Universität Berlin and from 1997 to 1999 and from 2000 until today he worked at the Department for Cross-Cultural Studies of BTU Cottbus. He is the secretary-general of the Chinese Association of Graduates from Berlin Technical University.

In his career he ran projects and conferences on the following subjects: "Sino-German seminar on mining techniques", "Development of vocational training: the German dual system as an example", "Sino-German economic communication", "International conference on language training and cross-cultural communication", "Training programm: MBA for Sino-German joint ventures" and "Cross-cultural management-training for German students in China".

The focus of his work is on cross-cultural management, cross-cultural communication and on joint ventures in China. He is currently writing his dissertation on "Cross-cultural conflicts in Sino-German joint ventures and possible strategies for conflict-resolution." He has published on the following subjects:

  • The contribution of direct foreign investment
    to the modernization of Chinese society
  • Holistic thinking and harmonious action
  • The development of information-technology
    and the modernization of management
  • The development of engineer's education in
    West-Germany after the 2nd World War
  • The development of Technische Universität
    Berlin and the experiences of restructuring
  • International orientation of university education:
    the Beijing Institute of Technology an an example.

Tilman Lesche studied business administration at Berlin Technical University (Dipl.-Kfm.) and chinese studies at Berlin Free University. In the cooperation with the China Consultancy he is focussing on consulting-services for companies with existing or planned engage- ments in China.

With a scholarship of the German Scholarship Foundation and the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach-Foundation he studied in China for one year, including terms at the Zhongshan-University in Guangzhou and Foreign Studies University in Beijing. He also took internships at sino-german companies. Building on these experiences his final thesis was analyzing the success-factors of sino-german joint ventures, using detailed cases. The thesis was published at Gabler-Verlag.

After finishing his studies he joined international management consultants Gemini Consulting, finally as senior consultant. His areas of focus were in the telecommunications, IT and new media industries and functionally in marketing, sales and strategy development. He then went to Siemens AG, working on internal restructuring projects for the public networks group (now ICN) before taking over the position of China-adviser to the Central Board at Siemens headquarters. Here he was intensily involved in coordinating and developing the numerous China-activities of the Siemens group.

Together with his wife, who is from China, he founded INSIDE A - Asien Netzwerk AG at the end of the year 2000, building up an Asia-oriented information- and services network. Not surprisingly he is focussing on China there, again.

Lina Sjamsil-Monham
Lina's professional experience as a business communications and cross-cultural expert stretches across the international value chain in more than nine countries. She has worked as a specialist consultant in various organisations and multinational companies such as the Chamber of Commerce Frankfurt , BASF, De La Rue. She is also a Business Advisor to SIS International Holding Ltd in Singapore. Fluent in English, German and Indonesian, Lina also has a working knowledge of Mandarin.

Master Of Business Administration (MBA) - The Netherlands / U.K..
Specialisation: Intercultural Management, Strategic Management, Crisis Management and International Marketing Management.

Master of Arts in International Communication - Australia.
Specialisation: Cross-cultural Relation, International Trading, International Communication.

Bachelor of Arts - Australia
Specialisation: Communications and Psychology.

Professional Experience:
More than 10 years international professional experience in General Management, Human Resource Management, International Business Relation and Business Development. She has worked as Intercultural Consultant and Trainer for multinational companies both in Europe and overseas.

Personal Profile:
She has lived, studied and worked in Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, U.S., Canada, U.K., The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Coming from a multicultural background herself, she is most interested in helping organisations and individuals adapt to their "new" culture, in order to achieve a rapid and smooth transition; and in the case of companies and organisations, to maximise profit and productivity in today's competitive "global village".

Harald Hoffmann,motivating Coach and creative Trainer, develops "Employee   Assistance Programs" and organises a network for experts in cross-cultural human ressources. Since 1996 he successfully works overseas with enterprises and NGOs. His interest in people, in connection with his cross-cultural, holistic and systemic approch inspires individuals as much as enterprises and leads to lasting success.

Harald Hoffmann comes from Germany and has lived in China and Taiwan with his wife and 3 daughters. They currently live in Thailand. His educational background in Ethnology and Sinology (magister of arts), electrical engineering and marriage and familiy guidance together with his management experience form the basis for the positive feedback he receives as a coach. He speaks German, English, French, Mandarin Chinese and Thai.

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